James Kerr was born in Dunedin New Zealand in 1985. Kerr is predominately a painter and drawer using acrylic and oil paint mediums. 

Lighting, tone and colour are tools used to experiment and illustrate a response to being within celebrated places. 

Predominately exhibiting within New Zealand and Australia with local artists and via solo shows; Kerr has collectors in both New Zealand and Australia. Kerr is currently living and working in Australia. 

Kerr participated in an artist residency within Nelson in 2014 and completed a bachelor of fine art in 2006 within Dunedin, New Zealand. 


2002-.2006 Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, Dunedin Art School New Zealand.

2016- Post Graduate Degree in Occupational Health and Safety

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Playing with Light, Moore Contemporary Art Building, Perth, Australia 

2014 Red Gallery, Art Residency, Nelson, New Zealand

2010 Recent Works, Red Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

2009 Recent works, Moray Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

2007 Spectrum, Moray Gallery ,Dunedin, New Zealand

Group Exhibitions

2009 Notes From Grey City, Moray Gallery, Dunedin

2007 Recent Works, Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

2006 Playgrounds of the Natural, Dunedin Art School, New Zealand


Painting Merit award Allenbrook Art Gallery


Private Law firm Dunedin, Private Dentist Firm Dunedin, Private personal collections throughout New Zealand and Australia

James's Art is currently represented in Moray Gallery and Red Gallery New Zealand

www.moraygallery.com    www.redartgallery.com